Daily Specials

Monday: Mezcal Mondays, a monthly celebration of a unique Mezcal with education and an exciting $10 cocktail.

Tuesday: $1 off every taco all day long.

Wednesday: Cochinita Pibil Carnitas, a fun way to share a Yucatecan speciality. Banana leaf wrapped braised pork served with tortillas and an array of sides and toppings. $18 per person.

Thursday: Torta Milanese, enjoy a Mexican favorite with our crispy fried steak sandwich with smoked beans, lime mayonesa, onions, tomatoes, served on toasted bolillo bread. $10 each.

Friday: Sangria A La Dia!,Sangria of the day is served with seasonal produce and a Mexican touch. $10 each.

Saturday: Chilequiles Divorsada, A traditional Mexican dish made with tortilla chips, chile rojo, chile verde, fried eggs and queso. $10 each.

Sunday: Enjoy all day, bottomless Mexican Mimosas, featuring Spanish Cava & Agavero Orange Agave Liqueur. Served with Pineapple, Orange or Grapefruit Juice. $12 with purchase of entrée or equal value items.